Aquatic Designs Custom Aquarium Design Installation and Maintenance


Home and business owners alike spend countless hours decorating and designing their homes and offices, dealing with paint, furniture, flooring etc. the options seem endless. Those looking to incorporate an aquarium in to their design quickly realize that many prefabricated aquarium manufactures just don't offer what they're looking for, Aquatic Designs picks up were the others fall short. While some prefabricated aquariums and cabinets will work, many won't fit a particular location, or just look out of place due to being out of proportion or not matching in style to the room. Prefabricated aquariums and cabinets fall short literally. Many are less than 4 feet in total height making the aquarium fall below standing view and seem disproportionate to the rooms surroundings, more so with vaulted ceilings. Prefabricated aquariums cabinets are usually okay at best, limited to particular wood species, finishes, and being made of lesser quality materials. We at Aquatic Designs pride ourselves in being able to offer you exactly what you're looking for. Aquariums are custom manufactured to the size and shape needed to best fit the look you desire. Our custom cabinetry is made of quality materials, all designed and fabricated to fit seamlessly into a room's decor. From freestanding to entire built in wall units, matching existing furnishings or going eclectic, anything is possible. Of course what is in an aquarium is going to be the main attraction. Our reef aquarium systems accommodate the delicate needs of living corals, sponges and other marine invertebrates, offering a beautiful natural setting. We also offer life like custom made synthetic reef structures for those more interested in the non-reef safe or aggressive species of saltwater fish. Our synthetic reef structures offer the beauty of a natural setting without the care needed to sustain a typical reef aquarium.

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